2+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 100 M²

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2+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 100 M²

With 2+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 100 m², your home culture will develop again and you will enjoy wide spaces. The prefabricated house, which is designed as a two-storey building, is frequently preferred due to its quick installation and lower cost compared to concrete structures. Problem-free and comfortable days await you with houses that minimize noise and visual pollution.

Durability Feature of Prefabricated Houses

Cost reduction, which is the biggest advantage of 2+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 100 m², shows itself in every sense. Prefabricated houses, which are highly resistant to weather conditions and external factors, have been used for many years without any problems. In this sense, the generally advantageous features of prefabricated houses are listed as follows;

Due to the materials used, the wear rate is minimal. Therefore, maintenance and repair costs over the years are eliminated.

With the guarantee we offer, their service life is approximately 50 years, and they have a longer life than concrete buildings.

It can be disassembled and assembled in the desired area of ​​the land in the future. This eliminates the cost of a second home even if the area changes.

2+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house 100 m² can be expanded over time by making changes on the architectural project.

Thanks to its durability and replaceable feature, the demand for prefabricated houses has increased and its use has become widespread recently.

Guarantee in Prefabricated Houses

While constructing a 2+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 100 m², it is desired that the same low cost continues for a long time. In this regard, our company offers a quality guarantee for all assembly materials and installation materials used for homes. In addition, it gives the guarantee of workmanship, since every operation is carried out by professional employees.

Our company takes all the responsibility for the prefabricated house and takes measures against all kinds of problems that may occur and prevents you from creating an additional cost burden. After having a 2+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house built on 100 m², our company, which will do the landscaping, will design the exterior of the house, such as the inside of the houses, specially for your taste, and you will enjoy every moment of the use of the house. You decide to have a house built and like the project, leave the rest to our company and wait in peace of mind.

Area:100 m²

Electrical Installation:Flush Mounted

Corner Covering:Aesthetic Betopan Corner Coverings for All Corners

Windows:Lead-free PVC


Exterior:Flat Concrete

Number of Rooms:3

Building Height:2.50

Number of Bathrooms:2

Inner Wall:6cm

Exterior Wall:10cm

Roofing:Painted Galvanized Sheet

Number of Floors:2

Exterior Door:Steel Door

Interior Door:American Rounded Door

Balcony Door:1

  • Area 100 m²
  • Electrical Installation
  • Corner Covering Aesthetic
  • Windows
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Flat Concrete
  • Number of Rooms 3
  • Building Height 2.50
  • Number of Bathrooms 2
  • Inner Wall 6cm
  • Outer Wall 10cm
  • Roofing
  • Number of Floors 2
  • Exterior door
  • Inner Door
  • Balcony Door
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