3+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 105 M²

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3+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 105 M²

3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 105 m² will give each member of the family the opportunity to have a pleasant time in a separate room and will provide the opportunity to use the house comfortably and comfortably thanks to its wide usage area. Prefabricated houses, which are preferred due to the fact that concrete structures are both very costly and take a long time in construction, are also preferred by eliminating the repair costs over time.

Where are Prefabricated Houses Built?

3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house 105 m² can be easily built in every region shown due to easy installation and no weight like concrete on it. It is built either on the designated corner of an empty plot or on top of a single-storey concrete building. In this regard, the practicality of prefabricated houses as well as their compatibility are also effective. In addition, since prefabricated houses have the opportunity to be dismantled and re-installed, they are first taken from the area where they were installed and then mounted on the desired area and on the upper part of the concrete structure.

When the 3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house is designed as 105 m² with two floors according to the widths to be determined upon request, it ensures more efficient use of the land and creates interior and exterior elegance with the arrangement of the house environment. With the balcony areas left, it is possible to enjoy the air and spend time.

In Which Seasons Are Prefabricated Houses Built?

The construction of a 3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 105 m² is completely different from the construction of normal concrete buildings. While suitable seasonal conditions are sought for the construction and completion of concrete houses, there is no need for such a time period in prefabricated houses. Since the houses are built in factories in accordance with the project and installed in a maximum of 3 to 4 days, it is possible to build them in all seasons.

3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house is 105 m² away from the negative effects of the seasons when being installed or used due to the materials used in its construction and the professional workmanship. Weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow do not prevent the establishment of prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses, which adapt to the conditions of the seasons, are used comfortably and flawlessly for many years without any problems.

Area:105 m²

Electrical Installation:Flush Mounted

Corner Covering:Aesthetic Betopan Corner Coverings for All Corners

Windows:Lead-free PVC


Exterior:Flat Concrete

Number of Rooms:4

Building Height:2.50

Number of Bathrooms:2

Inner Wall:6cm

Exterior Wall:10cm

Roofing:Painted Galvanized Sheet

Number of Floors:

Exterior Door:Steel Door

Interior Door:American Rounded Door

Balcony Door:1

  • Area 105 m²
  • Electrical Installation
  • Corner Covering Aesthetic
  • Windows
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Flat Concrete
  • Number of Rooms 4
  • Building Height 2.50
  • Number of Bathrooms 2
  • Inner Wall 6cm
  • Outer Wall 10cm
  • Roofing
  • Number of Floors
  • Exterior door
  • Inner Door
  • Balcony Door
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