3+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 158 m²

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3+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 158 m²

3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house is a house that you can use in a short time after the suitability of the area you have shown is 158 m². It will fully meet your expectations with its two floors and wide usage area. With the landscaping to be done, you will have a pleasant time by getting the house that adorns your dreams.

General Features of Prefabricated Houses

3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house is preferred more than concrete houses due to the benefits found from its 158 m² feature. The general features of prefabricated houses, which have been widely used in recent years, are listed as follows;

Its cost is lower than concrete buildings.

It takes a short period of approximately 5 to 7 days to be planned, installed and ready for use.

With its thin wall and wide usage area, there is no jamming in terms of furniture or settling.

Since its construction is completed in a short time, there is no need to wait for any time period.

It can be used in all seasons of the year without any problems due to the features in its structure.

With the insulation applied to the wall and ceiling, both heat saving is achieved and external noise is prevented from affecting the interior of the house.

As a 3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 158 m², it is possible to relocate the walls over time.

An additional room can be added later without any problems.

It can be disassembled and moved to another area and installed.

The materials needed for the repair are easily available.

It has a durable structure against all kinds of natural events.

The wear rate is very low and the service life covers long years.

Within these features, it is the first choice of everyone who wants to own a 3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 158 m² and wants to move in a short time.

Confidence in Prefabricated Houses

Our company works without compromising the understanding of quality regarding prefabricated houses, and always ranks first in the preference lists for safe and high quality 3+1 cheap prefabricated duplex houses of 158 m². With the responsibility of the leadership, our company works by showing the necessary care and attention to all its transactions. Our main goal is to bring you the houses of your dreams with low cost and high quality.

Area:158 m²

Electrical Installation:Flush Mounted

Corner Covering:Aesthetic Betopan Corner Coverings for All Corners

Windows:Lead-free PVC


Exterior:Flat Concrete

Number of Rooms:4

Building Height:2.50

Number of Bathrooms:3

Inner Wall:6cm

Exterior Wall:10cm

Roofing:Painted Galvanized Sheet

Number of Floors:2

Exterior Door:Steel Door

Interior Door:American Rounded Door

Balcony Door:1

  • Area 158 m²
  • Electrical Installation
  • Corner Covering Aesthetic
  • Windows
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Flat Concrete
  • Number of Rooms 4
  • Building Height 2.50
  • Number of Bathrooms 3
  • Inner Wall 6cm
  • Outer Wall 10cm
  • Roofing
  • Number of Floors 2
  • Exterior door
  • Inner Door
  • Balcony Door
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