3+1 Cheap Prefabricated House 117 m²

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3+1 Cheap Prefabricated House 117 m²

3+1 cheap prefabricated house, 117 m², are the houses that are frequently preferred by those who want to build a house on their garden and land, and are constantly becoming widespread. Prefabricated houses are always in the first place in the scope of house requirement, both because they are built very quickly and because their cost is lower than concrete buildings.

Our Works for Prefabricated Houses

Our company brings together quality materials and master craftsmanship with the aim of satisfying you in every aspect with a 3+1 cheap prefabricated house of 117 m². Prefabricated houses that offer a wide area of ​​use will impress with their stylish design. In line with meeting your expectations from prefabricated houses, our company;

It provides all the materials to be used, down to the smallest part, in high quality.

Adhering to the necessary dimensions and adjustments, the house is assembled with its expert personnel.

By insulating its walls, it both saves heat and cuts off the sound connection with the outside.

It draws the electrical and sanitary installations with quality materials in accordance with the standards.

3+1 cheap prefabricated house connects all ship owners correctly for 117 m².

It installs PVC windows and doors in appropriate sizes.

He makes landscaping in a way that will leave areas around the house and increase the image quality.

Our company ends your longing for a quiet and peaceful home with the concepts of quality and mastery.

Prefab House Delivery Time

3+1 cheap prefabricated house 117 m² draws attention with its quick installation as a general feature. Our company undertakes the shortest possible time for both the preparation of the area for the house and the arrangement of the environment in accordance with its purpose after the installation. You will start to have a pleasant time in prefabricated houses without wasting time.

With the delivery of a 3+1 cheap prefabricated house of 117 m² in a short time, you will prevent the loss of time compared to concrete structures. In addition, you will be able to use your prefabricated house for a long time without any problems, within the lifetime of many years and the quality guarantee of our company. You will prevent the repair costs that may arise during this process and you will gain financially in both the short and long term.

Area:117 m²

Electrical Installation:Flush Mounted

Corner Covering:Aesthetic Betopan Corner Coverings for All Corners

Windows:Lead-free PVC


Exterior:Flat Concrete

Number of Rooms:4

Building Height:2.50

Number of Bathrooms:2

Inner Wall:6cm

Exterior Wall:10cm

Roofing:Painted Galvanized Sheet

Number of Floors: -

Exterior Door:Steel Door

Interior Door:American Rounded Door

Balcony Door: -

  • Area 117 m²
  • Electrical Installation
  • Corner Covering Aesthetic
  • Windows
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Flat Concrete
  • Number of Rooms 4
  • Building Height 2.50
  • Number of Bathrooms 2
  • Inner Wall 6cm
  • Outer Wall 10cm
  • Roofing
  • Number of Floors
  • Exterior door
  • Inner Door
  • Balcony Door
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