1+1 Cheap Prefabricated House 43 m²

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1+1 Cheap Prefabricated House 43 m2

Our 1+1 cheap prefabricated house 43 m2 house is easily built by our company in the areas you want in a short time. Our company makes short prefabricated houses anywhere you want across the country. The cost of prefabricated houses, which are frequently preferred recently, is more affordable than concrete houses. In addition, the construction phase takes a short time, and your house is prepared in a short time according to your needs and wishes without tiring you.

Features of our 1+1 Prefabricated Houses

1+1 cheap prefabricated house is 43 m2 and can be built in a short time on the area you want. Among the reasons why prefabricated houses are preferred, the fact that they are built in a short time and that they are cost-effective is a priority. If we talk about the features of our 1+1 43 m2 house;

  • Ready in a short time
  • It is cost effective
  • It can be easily done in small gardens and parcels.
  • Robust and made from quality materials
  • Although it is 1+1, the usage area is designed to be comfortable.
  • It is solid
  • Used for many years
  • Provides comfortable use in all seasons
  • It is not easily damaged by external influences and weather conditions.
  • In case of damage, it is repaired and repaired in amounts that do not tire you.

1 + 1 cheap prefabricated house 43 m2, the materials used in our houses are created with the highest quality and useful preferences. There are no easily worn out materials inside or outside the houses built by our company. American core doors, PVC windows, steel exterior doors, in short, everything from A to Z is useful and long-lasting. After you start living in your prefabricated house, you will see the difference in our quality. The construction, assembly and installation of our houses are carried out in an extremely robust and professional manner.

Where is a 1+1 Prefabricated 43 m2 House Preferred?

1+1 cheap prefabricated house 43 m2 houses, although we usually design them for continuous use, our customers prefer them as seasonal residences. If the number of people to stay at home is small and the area where the house will be set up is small, you can think of it as houses that you will use occasionally or seasonally at certain times of the year. In addition to these, we prepare all the houses we build in a way that is suitable for continuous use. We attach importance to the width of the interior, its usefulness, and the choice of quality materials. You can contact our phone numbers to get perfect service from our company.

  • Area 43 m²
  • Electrical Installation Flush Mounted
  • Corner Covering Aesthetic Aesthetic Betopan Corner Covering
  • Windows Lead-free PVC
  • Plumbing Flush
  • Exterior Flat Concrete Flat Concrete
  • Number of Rooms 3
  • Building Height 2.50 cm
  • Number of Bathrooms 1
  • Inner Wall 6 cm
  • Outer Wall 10 cm
  • Roofing Painted Galvanized Sheet
  • Number of Floors 1
  • Exterior door Steel Door
  • Inner Door American Rounded Door
  • Balcony Door -
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