4+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 142 m²

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4+1 Cheap Prefabricated Duplex House 142 m²

4+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house is the prefabricated house model that is frequently preferred by those who want a very wide usage area of ​​142 m², who want to enjoy the duplex house and want a house where their family can benefit comfortably. It has become possible to spend a pleasant and peaceful time on the balconies built in the houses where family members have their own rooms and are comfortable in the common use area.

What is in the Content of the Prefabricated House?

4+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 142 m² fully meets the needs in every sense. In the prefabricated houses, which offer a large area of ​​use together with the furniture, there are also the following;

Temporary feature to prevent the negative effects of all seasons,

The insulation system, which prevents the effects of temperature differences that change according to the seasons inside the house, and prevents the outside noises from entering the house,

Rain, snow, etc. covering with tiles or shingles against natural events,

Windows and doors provide the necessary security conditions,

An elegant design together with the environment,

It has durability thanks to its resilience structure against earthquakes.

4+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house is used with peace of mind in all seasons with the opportunities it offers as 142 m² of content. It also helps to spend time in peace without any security threat.

Cost of Prefabricated Houses

The cost of a 4+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 142 m² emerges with the combination of both the initial and usage costs. In order to build a house, it should be calculated by adding the period of use to the prices given at the beginning. In the short run, the low initial cost does not indicate that the house is affordable. Because the additional cost burden caused by the damages that may arise in the future will affect the short-term cost.

Our company guarantees both the quality of the materials and the workmanship on the 4+1 cheap prefabricated duplex house of 142 m² and ensures that it can be used for many years without any expense. Thus, by minimizing the long-term cost, it offers the most suitable price options in general. Our company is friendly to every budget with the prefabricated houses it offers, and provides you with a quality and safe house with the least cost.

Area:142 m²

Electrical Installation:Flush Mounted

Corner Covering:Aesthetic Betopan Corner Coverings for All Corners

Windows:Lead-free PVC


Exterior:Flat Concrete

Number of Rooms:5

Building Height:2.50

Number of Bathrooms:3

Inner Wall:6cm

Exterior Wall:10cm

Roofing:Painted Galvanized Sheet

Number of Floors:2

Exterior Door:Steel Door

Interior Door:American Rounded Door

Balcony Door:1

  • Area 142 m²
  • Electrical Installation
  • Corner Covering Aesthetic
  • Windows
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Flat Concrete
  • Number of Rooms 5
  • Building Height 2.50
  • Number of Bathrooms 3
  • Inner Wall 6cm
  • Outer Wall 10cm
  • Roofing
  • Number of Floors 2
  • Exterior door
  • Inner Door
  • Balcony Door
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